We are coordinators, not planners. What is the difference? Planners take your ideas (and a lot of money) in order to plan the wedding for you. Our specialty is in day of coordination where YOU do the planning (with a little help from us) and WE make sure everyone sticks to it. We come in at the last minute armed with an emergency kit and a lot of experience to help you pull it all into a seamless event.

Our pricing is easy and transparent but we get that not everyone has the same needs. We start with a basic package for a wedding of up to 150 people in the Tacoma and nearby area. From there, you can build on and customize your package. Please note, these prices are approximations and are subject to change.

Basic Day-of Coordination - $500
Congratulations! Most of the planning is done and you’re ready to walk down the aisle… and then it hits you. Who’s going to “run” the event? Making sure the right songs are played at the right time during the ceremony… communicating with the caterers and servers… putting the favors out on the tables… there are a million little details and you don’t want to ask your guests to handle them! Let us step in and take care of everything so that you and your guests are free to relax and enjoy your event.

This package includes:
  • our initial meet-and-greet
  • a two-hour consultation to make sure all bases are covered
  • a second pair of experienced eyes to look over your contracts
  • communication with all of your vendors prior to the wedding
  • a formal timeline sent to all of your vendors 
  • a one-hour rehearsal - OR - a venue walk through
  • up to six hours of coordination services at your event*
  • an emcee to direct guests throughout the event 
  • an emergency kit loaded with last minute needs 
*Coordination services include anything one human can do at a time. We try to be superheroes but we can't always be in two places at once. Extra people or hours can be provided, see pricing below.

Need more? 

  • Additional hours at the wedding or rehearsal - $30 per hour
  • Staff to help set up or tear down - $20/person/hour with a 2 hour minimum
  • Extra consultations - $40 per meeting
  • Extra coordinator for weddings with two locations or more than 150 guests - $100-250 depending on experience and specific needs
  • Something else? Just ask, we've probably done it. 
Note - We currently do not offer wedding planning services, month of coordination, research assistance or rental coordination. 

Need less? 

Wedding Consultations Only - $40
You have questions and we have answers. Need someone to help you write out a timeline? Need some inspiration or a place to start? Do you have a unique idea but want to make sure it will work? There are lots of reasons to consult the experts, so let us step in to help. We'll share advice, tips, success stories, etiquette and even a few of our favorite vendors. Whatever you need, we will help. Consultations can be by phone or in person at a local coffee shop.  Two-hour consultation...$50 

A Bride's BFF for the Day - $200-300
On a very limited basis, we are willing to design a budget-friendly package that gives you very limited services but still allows us to come and help as needed. Inquire for details.